Ever wonder how professional fighters cut 10 to 20lbs to step on the scale before a fight? Most importantly, how to do it in a healthy way and step in the ring ready to perform at peak levels?

In this 6-Week Guide, I will take you step-by-step through my own personal method which has helped me cut weight effectively for dozens of fights. With over 10+ years of experience fighting around the world in the beautiful art of Muay Thai, I have made all the mistakes for you!

This is the book I needed during my fight journey, the one I honestly wish I’d had. Hence, the creation of this detailed guide. This book has everything you need to save you all those headaches (Literally!)

It’s true this book is geared toward athletes looking for next-level peak performance through healthy eating habits, BUT it’s also designed to help an average person (non-fighter) to lose weight and have a healthier eating lifestyle.

You will learn just how the human body works, the importance of rest, recovery, proper nutrition and so much more!

Transform your Health

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💪 Get in Shape
🥇 Build Confidence
🥊 Learn Self-Defense.

​With over 20 years of experience worldwide, I work with all age groups, from kids ages 6 years old, to teens, adults, and seniors. Muay Thai Kickboxing is for everyone!

Come take a class with me and let's take on your personal fitness journey together!​


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Mike is a terrific teacher and makes the art of Muay Thai very enjoyable and fun. Always jovial , punctual and professional I highly recommend Mike's services as a teacher/fitness instructor . Immaculate work out space provided.

David M.
Worcester, MA

A+++ Learning Experience I absolutely Love my sessions with #IRONBOY, working with mike your NOT getting your typical hit pads/bag session . Mike works with you to understand your strength & weaknesses and brings out the best version of yourself . Mike breaksdown every technique , so you can see the minor important movements and details , He tailors each technique around my limitations & injuries, and has pushed me beyond my limits My favorite thing about working with Michael, Is you feel the Powerful Energy & positivity , His absolute love for his Craft of martial arts . He is wise beyond his age and brings so much intellectual & philosophical Concepts about life and fighting, His knowledge is not only with fighting but also with healthy lifestyle diet and nutrition, You don't need to see anybody else I've been working with Michael for over 2 Years and I'm down nearly 200 pounds. because he teaches you fundamental principles to change your life on your own .... BOOK ASAP !!!! #ironboyexperience

Aaron Torres
Worcester, MA

​Ironboy regularly runs Muay Thai classes at my gym and I also do private lessons with him. He has an excellent eye for improving small details in my technique and has also made a big difference in my movement and footwork over the time I've been working with him. He has a deep knowledge of the striking game and does a great job of passing that information on with drills, sparring analysis, and observations. His own technique is absolutely on point - he is one of the best Muay Thai boxers I've ever trained or sparred with. Working with him is an absolute pleasure and I always come away from a class or lesson having learned something new that also sticks with me through future training sessions.

Neil P.
Webster, MA

I have been fortunate enough to meet Mike over two years ago. My children and I have taken several classes from him which were outstanding. I have been in martial arts for approximately 12 years and he ranks as one the greatest coaches I’ve trained with. I can say without a doubt that the name “Iron Mike” only applies to him when he enters the ring for a fight. When teaching he is incredibly knowledgeable, personable, funny, humble and a very approachable coach. My advice which I am personally following now and I told my daughter -“I need to learn as much as you can with Mike now because soon he will be a world champion and definitely won't have time to do private classes.”

J. Breton, M.D.

I’ve quit vaping now because of your academy and me becoming passionate about this. Almost 2 months now. Never looking back

Anthony Waite

I had trained Muay Thai with Mike for about two years. I genuinely looked forward to our class each week. He held such a high level of professionalism, while still allowing us to have a blast. And that we did! The greatest part of it all, Mike is still an active fighter in the sport. He stays current and educated in the field. So you know your getting the highest quality of training. We began with the basics and grew from there over time. During our classes Mike provided an environment that made everyone feel welcomed, equal, and sense of community. He helped build up our physical health, mental health, and self-esteem. Working out with Mike improved my life in so many aspects and anyone else that gets the opportunity im sure will see the same! When you leave a class after training with Mike you will feel like a new person!

Angelia B.

I’m 50 but never give up, you came to me right time. After 13 weeks I see my legs bigger … love the workouts!

Andrea Capizzi